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High School Principal - Cambodia

01-08-2021 - Siem Reap

4000 to 6000 per month CNY full time Siem Reap, Other Siem Reap 510000 Siem Reap,
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The Principal reports to the Directors and provides the educational and school leadership that is needed in the management of the school. He/She will be an experienced and energetic professional with strong capacity as an educational and community leader, and knowledge of contemporary teaching practice and international education.


The Principal is responsible for overall standards and operation of the school. This will include:

  1. Working with the senior management team (SMT), operations manager and administration staff and to ensure a well-managed and efficiently-run school.

  2. Providing a strong ‘presence’ as Principal within the school and community, and strong leadership and direction to the staff team.

  3. Reporting routinely to the Directors and SMT.

  4. Working to ensure that agreed standards are maintained in relation to professionalism, safety, staff supervision, classroom planning and teaching, student welfare, supervision and discipline, monitoring, assessment, reporting to parents, and other agreed matters.

  5. Supporting the development and maintenance of a positive school culture.

  6. Assisting the Directors and SMT in updating and implementing the School Development Plan.

  7. Routinely reviewing and updating school policies in consultation with the Directors and SMT.

Educational Leadership & Staff Supervision

The Principal is first and foremost a teacher and educational leader, responsible for the educational program throughout the school. This will include:

  1. Providing strong direction and leadership, especially to SMT, Coordinators, Heads of Department (HODs), Operations Manager and administration staff.

  2. Supervising teaching staff with the assistance of the senior management team.

  3. Managing an ongoing performance appraisal system for all staff

  4. Providing educational leadership, including managing an ongoing individual and whole-school professional development program, including development of the Cambridge professional development program for international teachers.

  5. Reviewing, making recommendations and managing ongoing curriculum development.

  6. Supervising non-teaching staff with the assistance of the SMT and operations manager.

  7. With the assistance of the Assistant Principal, Khmer Principal, Cambridge Curriculum Coordinator and Key Stage Coordinators, managing timetables, schedules, short-term leave, duty rosters, and daily staff matters.

  8. Hold regular meetings with Key Stage Leaders, HOD’s and other leaders of the teaching staff.

  9. Prepare and publish a “High School Principal’s Report to the Directors” each term/semester.

  10. Carry out regular observations of teachers in the classroom and recording of performance.

Student Supervision & Management

The Principal is responsible for the overall welfare and education of all children in the school. This will include:

  1. Overseeing class programmes and providing guidance to teachers for individual student educational programmes.

  2. Ensuring that discipline issues are dealt with appropriately and that parents are informed as required.

  3. Arranging supervision rosters and ensuring that students are well supervised at all times.

  4. Ensuring that student welfare is protected and cared for.

  5. Ensuring that an orderly, safe, attractive, friendly, efficient and supportive learning environment is maintained.

  6. Ensuring that adequate procedures are in place for responding to emergencies.

  7. Managing careers and tertiary institution counselling to students.

School Facility Management

The Principal is responsible for overall facility management with the support of the Directors, SMT, Operations Manager and administration staff. This will include:

  1. Managing maintenance, minor capital works, furniture, computers and office equipment, to ensure that the school is well-equipped and functions effectively.

  2. Ensuring that cleaning and ground maintenance is carried out effectively and to agreed standards.

  3. Ensuring that stock control systems are in place and managed effectively and that the school is stocked with consumables as required.

Educational Resources Management

The Principal is responsible for overall educational resource management with the support of the Directors, Heads of Department and administration staff. This will include:

  1. Managing educational resources (non-consumables) to ensure that the school is as well-resourced as possible given current needs and within the limits allowed by the annual budget.

  2. Overseeing development of the library to ensure that it is as well-resourced as possible given current needs and within the limits allowed by the annual budget.

  3. Overseeing management of ICT within the school.

Teacher Recruitment and Appraisal

  1. Recruitment: making recommendations to the Directors and Assistant Principal on staffing arrangements and working with the senior management team to recruit new staff.

  2. Performance management of all staff, conducting performance appraisals and recommending allowance increases and dismissal management.

  3. Monitoring staff attendance, leave arrangements etc.

Administrations & Financial Management

The Principal is responsible for overseeing the administration and management of the office. This will involve working with the administration staff to ensure:

  1. Effective communication with the Directors in relation to financial management.

  2. Timely responses to, recording and follow up of parent and prospective parent inquiries.

  3. Ensuring that efficient and supportive enrolment procedures are followed.

  4. Ensuring that effective filing and communication systems are maintained.

  5. Ensuring timely payment of routine accounts.

  6. Other matters as agreed with the Directors.


The Principal is responsible for managing overall communication both internal and external. This will include:

  1. Ensuring that the regular newsletter is published in a timely fashion (online, Facebook page and where requested hard copy.

  2. Maintaining a system for routine communication with parents via Facebook, sms and email to increase efficiency and reduce reliance on paper communication

  3. Ensuring that daily communication with parents is adequate and appropriate

  4. Ensuring that student reports are issued in a timely fashion and reflect agreed standards

  5. Ensuring that parents/teacher interviews take place as agreed in school policy

  6. Dealing with grievances as appropriate

  7. Maintaining good communication with students, parents, staff and the Directors.

  8. Developing and maintaining good relations with the wider community.


Arrangements for short term coverage for absent teachers is considered part of the Principal\'s role. Where possible it will be delegated to teachers whose timetable allows it. It is expected that where no other cover is possible, the Principal will cover planned and unplanned absences, due to ill health, resignation etc.





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